The new NMW increase does need to be considered within your hiring strategy

Why? Because candidates at this pay level will be applying for multiple jobs of the same ilk and these jobs all will be at the new minimum wage.

And those businesses who haven’t factored in how to leverage the new NMW to their advantage are already facing problems in hiring the best from the available talent pool

it is not all sunshine and rainbows for employers that are currently trying to advertise jobs competitively within today’s job market. Here are a few things that can improve your chances in your advertisements.

So, without any further ado, here are six methods to attract the best minimum wage talent

1 • Highlight the smaller perks

Things that may not sound significant for people in management positions but small things like free meals on shift, or shopping vouchers can sound really great to people in lower-earning roles

2 • Highlight the progression opportunities available

(And specific about these) Although the new National Minimum Wage is nice, people are always looking to earn more and gain responsibilities

3 • Small extras = big wins

If you offer a little more than the NMW to your lower earning workers you can stand head-and-shoulders above competing employers. E.g., Try £10 instead of £9.50

4 • Advertise “up to £££”

Always highlight the highest figure that you are willing to pay to capture the audiences’ attention – never make any promises but allude them to the possibility of such a figure

5 • Follow up leads quickly

When candidates enquire or apply follow up quickly for interview and keep hold of them

Remember, candidates at this pay level will be applying for multiple jobs of the same ilk and so it is paramount that you get in there first and make sure that you keep them interested throughout the process

6 • Make your interview process stand out

Making these candidates feel welcome could really make your business stand out against others that they may also be interviewing for

Think we’re done?

Don’t forget about your middle-earning employees!

Yes, we have a NMW knock-on effect to deal with here – but don’t worry – we’re going to walk you through what to do here in our next post…

In the meantime…

(and this could save you a lot of money…)

If you are about to hire in this new NMW world do get in touch asap – you could be hiring multiple NMW staff for only £499+VAT – and that’s total price – not the price per candidate!

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