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The Candidate Network Management Method

We believe in values based recruitment...

CV Locator is the candidate network management solution part of the Jubilee Group of companies, specially designed based on our core values to serve and support the ever-changing digital world where traditional recruitment methods are being constantly challenged. Driven by 20 years of experience recruiting as an organisation the CV Locator solutions offered balance the need to ensure we are using all modern methods of engagement along with a traditional consultancy based approach, recruitment has evolved and is very different but the candidates need for human contact stays the same. Its what we practice and what we preach, the way that the CV Locator service has been developed has been to encompass those values and below is how they weave into what we do...


We Never Fool Our People Our service is based on trust with all our stakeholders we have to be able to feedback the negative as well as the positive to make the gains necessary to improve performance, collaborating with clients to add true value and be part of there operation. Integrity is a constant and should reflect our decisions on a daily basis.


Make Something Happen When we trust our people and empower them to care, our people take the responsibility for each campaign in its entirety and run with it. Each campaign is unique they have very different challenges, we must take the responsibility for the success and failure of each campaign to constantly improve.


A Thirst for Intelligence Is one of the most critical qualities needed to represent our clients. We must understand the personality of the company, this is driven by the values and forms the basis for every part of the CV Locator service, without this information and the understanding of the selection process our decisions will be consistently flawed.


Stand In Others Shoes When consulting on a new campaign it is key that we look at the problem the employer is trying to solve with this hire, it may be expansion, replacements or a temporary solution we should see the situation through the eyes of the client. Once we understand the values and the intricacies of the job role we approach the campaign through the eyes of a candidate, its key to know the type of person you are trying to attract and then prepare the campaign accordingly.


Think Sideways We always need to adapt and overcome obstacles and there are always plenty of obstacles with a campaign. Sometimes candidates are not on the open market and proactive recruitment techniques are needed to ensure we give value. Out the box thinking is instrumental to our success.


Winning is Everything Drive and determination to attain our goals are essential as campaigns can notoriously be very frustrating, constantly adapting and trying new ideas can take a toll, having the desire to push through and deliver for our clients ensures our service always adds value.

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