“Saving time + fantastic results.

The service is great, helping us save time and delivering fantastic results.

James has been our talent partner for 2 months now and has helped us find 6 really good sales reps so far. He really makes an effort to understand our business and what kind of traits that we want to see in our candidates.”

Jonathan Co-Founder

Stat Attack

  • 5 Campaigns
  • 373 Direct Applicants
  • 225 Applicants Found and Contacted through CV Databases
  • 35 Interviews
  • 15 Hires

When beginning to work with Open Infra we knew that attracting applicants would not be the problem, however he client explained to me that the amount of money they were spending on job boards was high and they did not have the amount of time needed to sift, screen and interview candidates.

The first campaign was ran back in June. There were 84 direct applications. 28 suitable people contacted. 9 interviews. 4 hires. The cost per hire on this campaign was £162.25 which includes the advert costs, sifting, screening, booking in interviews and the all important market research which helps to improve future campaigns, internal and external.

Across the 5 campaigns ran to date 43% of candidates sent for interview have been hired. This success has continued and the relationship with my client has become very strong.

My client described to me how he completely trusted my judgment helping to make the recruitment process painless, easy, effective and efficient.