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Here are 5 crucial things to consider when putting your CV forward for a job.

1) Update your CV!

You would be amazed at the number of people who apply with out of date or incorrect contact information.

It is absolutely essential to maintain an up-to-date CV when applying for roles. This should include all your most recent and relevant experience or qualifications – not to mention, updated contact information such as mobile numbers and emails.

This is a really simple and easy fix which you can do before submitting any CV for an application. The last thing you want is this super simple mistake costing you a shot at being employed for your dream role.

2) Spelling and grammar

This is an obvious point to most people, right? However, I just wanted to highlight how important it is to proofread and check your CV for any spelling or grammar mistakes. It may not seem like a huge deal, but a perfect and polished CV expresses to your employer that you have great attention to detail and intelligence.

Even if you have checked through it once, check it again! Even better, got someone else to check it over too. It only takes 5 minutes and could truly make a massive difference in your chances of success.

3) Tailor your CV to the role you’re applying for

Recruiters not only want to see if you are fit for a role, but they also want to see if you would want it too.

Most applicants will have provided extremely generic personal profiles which are often overused and can show a lack of interest in a role.

If you’re applying for a specific role, make sure to tailor this part of your CV to express interest in the particular role you’re searching for. You could also include some goals you may have specific to the role. By taking the opportunity to prove your interest in the role, you will immediately look more viable than the average applicant.

4) Include relevant skills

This follows on from tailoring your CV for specific roles. Make sure to include and emphasise the skills which are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

You can check on the job advert to see which skills would be most necessary for the role and then ensure that your CV checks all of those boxes. Additionally, if you are worried that your CV might be too long then this is a great opportunity to cut out any skills or experience that would not be relevant to the role you’re applying for.

5) Back it up!

Making bold claims about your levels of ability and experience is meaningless without sufficient evidence. Back yourself up with proof throughout your CV wherever you can. Make sure to include things such as awards, figures or qualifications to prove you’re not just bluffing.

This will not only make a good impression on your possible employer, but it may also help you stand out from the competition.

Make sure to consider these five crucial points if you want to maximise your chances of beating out the competition when applying for your next role!

See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!