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Writing a Job Advert

This task done properly will take at least 1 hour maybe more, the advert needs to make an amazing first impression to your potential brand new employee, it needs to have search friendly content to perform in this digital world, formatted well, spell out the amazing benefits that make your organisation unique and visualise wherever possible.
Posting the Advert: To get your advert seen the network that will need to be generated will have to be extensive, so posting the advert throughout this network will take time at least 15 minutes per channel. Generating this network and facilitating its management is also very time consuming.

Social Media

Social media is a great way of connecting and conversing with potential new employees but takes proactivity to garner positive results. This is a never-ending time killer so measuring the success of this is key.

Sourcing through Databases

Online databases for applicants is a great way of them allowing potential employers to find them, this is almost a time saving device for the candidate. The employers spends there time searching instead of the candidate, unfortunately these databases have candidates registered in their millions meaning that searching, filtering and screening is probably the most time consuming part of a professional recruiters job and for a normal employer with less experience its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Over a normal 30 day recruitment campaign you could dedicate at least 6-7 hours to this task alone.


We forget or do not see the time associated with managing, sorting, responding and rejecting candidates that have contacted us, as well as emailing candidates that are not responding to calls and then organising interviews sending confirmations and the logistical requirements needed to facilitate the interview process.


Managing the process takes organisation while liaising with different departments who are involved in the interview process as well as keeping superiors up to speed with where the recruitment process is heading and whether each element has been successful.

Candidate Contact Time

Candidate contact time can be under estimated, to accomplish a consistent return on the candidates that apply there has to be a coherent approach to contacting the candidates, an email or one call is simply not enough. To do it properly multiple calls and multiple texts, emails are needed to generate contact. Once this has happened a skilled overview of the opportunities available and how these can benefit the candidate need to be communicated. If you have say 40 applicants to contact and you need to call them all multiple times and converse with candidates that end up not being suitable this is the most time consuming part of the whole recruitment process, even if you apply enough time the skill factor may hinder the results you are able to generate.


Although it varies dependant on the role, most interviews last between 45 minutes and one hour. This should provide sufficient time and flexibility from both sides to get to know one another.

Offer Management

This can often be one of the most difficult parts of the recruitment process whilst there are many important considerations to take into account it can also be very emotive time for a candidate and the employer, there is often back and forth in regards to the package, salary, career development and these will all play a part as well if you have a quality candidate then often you will find a counter offer. This all takes time and any frustration shown may break the whole process down and you must start again, at this point it’s critical.

See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!