See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!

1 – Awareness

Our first goal is to ensure that if a candidate is on the open market looking for a new opportunity that we position ourselves to make them aware of the opportunity we have on offer.


2 – Attraction

The first interaction the candidate has is with the advert, to attract candidates that fit within the organisation we are representing we need to consider the values and core beliefs to enable us to speak from the heart to likeminded candidates. This is an advert not to be confused with a job description, we need to show this potential candidate what would make joining our team a positive experience.


3 – Application

When the candidate applies to the advert, they have shown a willingness to be considered, they will be aware of the company as they will be informed of the company’s details immediately following the application and from this moment forward how they are treated will have a direct relationship with how the company is perceived in the market place. If a candidate is rejected its good practice to inform them in a professional way as this is where there journey ends, but they may fit another post in the future and we don’t want them to have a negative opinion about the company.


4 – Approach

The first approach either by phone, voicemail, text, or email needs to consider the needs of the candidate. A professional approach with a curiosity to understand the candidate and their current circumstances is key at this point you may lose the candidate if not handled properly especially if they don’t feel there needs are a priority.


5 – Arrange

Once the candidate is motivated by the opportunity and they have been qualified adequately we can make arrangements for a meeting, they are live in the marketplace so we have to assume we are in competition with our competitors. We need to ensure that the arrangements are made in a professional way and communication is always thorough, the person recruiting the candidate over the phone should build a rapport that will make the potential candidate excited about the prospect of this new challenge.


See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!