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This week we look at the great opportunity the Great Resignation brings and how we can leverage it to recruit the best talent into your organisation.

As we covered last week, we shared information on areas to consider in attempting to retain your best talent.

These were…

  • 1 – The Work / life balance your roles offer
  • 2 – Mapping out a clear progression path
  • 3 – Focusing on strong employer-employee connections

The same principle applies for you to consider when attracting new talent. And the organisations that are thriving when it comes to their hiring process, are focussing on an extra vital ingredient…

Character Matching

The best recruiters and hiring managers are freeing themselves of strict experience requirements and giving additional value to the character match of an applicant.

For many roles out there, you can’t simply ignore experience all together – it certainly is important. So why would being flexible on experience be a good thing?

Some of the best hires aren’t always the most experienced candidate who applied…

The Great Resignation is largely impacted by phycological factors, wants and needs.

So by giving more weighting to the character behind the experience, greater commitment to the job and longevity could be achieved vs selecting the most experienced individual.

Coming Next…

We look at the type of character traits which are big ticks when interviewing.

In the interim, if you would like some more advice or would like to bounce some ideas around please do get in touch – after all – this is what we are here for and we’d be delighted to hear from you.

See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!