See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!

Sir Richard Branson’s famous quote is never more apt…

Along with resolutions, the New Year also brings with it a swell of talent to the jobs market, all brimming with enthusiasm and looking for a fresh start.


Let’s look at the three key steps you can put in place to ensure the heads of your best people aren’t turned… (and if you are looking to hire, these same steps will make your organisation a real head-turner!)

The work/life balance your roles offer

Review what you can do to improve. Where possible, focus on the flexibility of the roles and the time people can be off work, rather than at work.

It’s not always practical but even the slightest change can make a big difference to staff motivation.

Map out a clear progression path

Employees wanting more from life also includes their career (an important point some employers are missing).

Map out and communicate progression paths – make sure employees know what they can achieve in your organisation and industry.

Focus on a strong employer-employee connection

Be clear on how employees are valued in your organisation.

Face-to-face communication, open-door policies, diversity (and not micromanaging) are all good methods to achieve this.


By putting these steps into place you are not only maximising your chances of retaining your best talent (after all – a business is only as good as it’s people) your also, by default, making your organisation more attractive in the candidate market.

By implementing sound core values, you can build a long-term and attractive culture.

See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!