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1 – You have seven seconds

The average time a candidate looks at an advert before clicking APPLY or CLOSE is less than seven seconds!

Although this is an average – what it does tell us is that it’s vital to capture interest as quickly as possible and to avoid to lengthy paragraphs.

2 – Optimise for Mobile

An overwhelming ~97% of job applications are made on a mobile phone

In today’s age, it is imperative to prioritise how your advert reads on mobile rather than on a PC.

3 – Don’t wait till the horse has bolted

Roughly 60% of total applications made via job portals come via their mail-shots.

For this reason, try to ensure you are happy with your advert from the get-go… amending after the mail-shot could effectively half your advert’s impact!

The top five motivators candidates look for in a job advert…

By studying big data we can now understand and appreciate the behavioural patterns and motivators demonstrated by candidates looking for work.

Let’s look at the top five motivators that trigger a candidate to decide on whether to apply to an advert…

1 – Financial

This is your base salary or hourly rate plus any overtime, bonuses and any other fiscal incentives.

Always remember to communicate the full amount you would be happy to pay for a top candidates – even if it’s negotiable on experience.

For example; if you have a role paying £14-£18 per hour the headline of “Up to £18 per hour” will perform much better that “From £14 per hour”

2 – Ease and Convenience

This is essentially how the factors of a job may work alongside a candidates lifestyle.

Location and the commute from their home will be a primary consideration – candidates will also seek working hours to match their needs.

Accommodation associated with the job (think Chefs, Residential Managers, etc) may also factor into the equation.

3 – Job Security

A significantly more important factor post-COVID and during a time of interest rate uncertaincy is job security – demonstrating company stability and solid career tracks are big ticks

4 – Ego and Status

Never forget the allure of a great job title and company reputation!

5 – Lifestyle and Culture

This is what a candidate would envisage how it feels to work within your organisation.

Give them a flavour of the culture and environment they would be joining.

Don’t do overdo it with too much information (remember to keep things short and punchy!)

The bottom line is this…

If you can cover the above five points in a short, punchy and effective advert this will give you the best chance of communicating the right information to secure an application from your prefect candidate.

Remember – an advert is not a job specification – it is a tool to allow you to find people you wish to discuss your vacancy with further.

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