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Level of Experimentation

Whether they are a spring chicken ready to be promoted to their first management position, or are a more seasoned professional, one of the first things a candidate will want to know is the level of creative freedom they will get within the role. Is the business an independent restaurant keen to expand its community reach in any way possible, or are you part of a group with a cohesive brand ethos to uphold? Different candidates will prefer different levels of experimentation potential within their ideal job role, so matching these elements is key to an applicant’s suitability.

Current team

As the job title suggests, any management position will involve overseeing a group of employees, and candidates will be keen to understand what kind of team they will be joining. Is there a specific hierarchy system and where do they sit in relation to everyone else? Is there scope for expansion or delegation of responsibility? Do they share responsibilities with another individual, or are they an independent team leader? Whilst this does not tend to be as crucial as other points of consideration to ensuring a perfect match between a candidate and a job vacancy, it is still information that the right candidate will be interested in uncovering.

Painting the Picture

General information about the venue follows the concept of maximalism –the more a candidate can learn about their potential new job, the more passionate they will feel about getting hired.

If they feel they know plenty of details about the business, they will feel welcomed by the existing team and feel more strongly about their application as a result. Even seemingly mundane details such as how many people work in one office block, or how many covers the restaurant has, can really go a long way to making a candidate feel enthusiastic about a job role.

We all know the more questions an applicant asks, the more enthusiastic they appear to be, but we never really consider the reverse of this: the more information we can divulge to candidates, the more they will be able to envision a future as part of your business.

This becomes even more pertinent when you acknowledge the fact that ideal candidates will likely be contacted by several different job vacancies, and to really stand out as a job they want, candidates would need to have a strong grasp of who they could be working with. As recruiters, we know each business is uniquely different from the next, and securing the best candidate-vacancy match can often depend on playing to these differences!

Our services can actually be at their most cost-effective when recruiting for management positions, as higher salary vacancy campaigns with traditional recruiting agencies can start from several thousand pounds. Our services start at a mere £499+VAT and when hiring management, such costs are truly an investment into your business’s future endeavours.

To ensure that such fundamental members of your business are the right fit, use CV Locator, where we will be able to match a candidate with your business’s unique assets for a fraction of the price of traditional recruitment.

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See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!