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The Challenge

Tecna is a growing business with varying job roles that are both technical, sales based, and client relationship led. The team had never really approached the recruitment process as a controllable talent pipeline that needs to be proactively managed, so the recruitment generally was very stop start and led by leadership who would need to dedicate extensive time sporadically and as such the results were inconsistent. Often the leadership time would look to what had been successful before rather than exploring new options which hindered progress slightly.

The Solution


Tecna initially made great use of the free consultation that CV Locator offers to get an analysis of the whole recruitment journey from start to finish. Along with CV Locators sister company HR-CL We recommended initially looking at how the company’s personality and values shaped the candidates that were being employed. HR-CL gave interview training to the Heads of Department and created a bespoke interview and selection process with an ideal candidate profile, along with personality profiling the entire team so we could identify the types of personalities and profile we were looking to attract.

The CV Locator team were then briefed on the Ideal Candidate and were able to create bespoke adverts that reflected Tecna’s personality. We worked directly with leadership to establish new role titles that would essentially attract more candidates and resulted in recruiting several successful candidates.  Tecna also took advantage of the candidate resourcing service so the CV Locator team arrange all the interviews with the company’s leadership saving valuable time that the leadership can now utilize in the core function. We also provided training on what core competencies contribute towards an accurate job description.

The Result

Tecnas recruitment process is now far more succinct and thorough, utilising CV Locator for the time-consuming candidate sourcing to point of interview is giving a greater choice of candidates for each new position this is due to the time dedicated by CV Locator to this part of the process being more consistent. Along with the selection process designed by our HR-CL team the attrition rate has in part supported growth over the last few years.  The training on core competencies helped the company know what they were looking for in a candidate.

One of the very first appointments CVL facilitated for Tecna is now one of the company’s highest achievers.

See our hiring plans that include guranteed hires and re-hires!