Nobody got back to me…

Nobody got back to me…

We have had a couple of clients call in the past and say something like “We’ve had 86 CV’s so its a great response, but only 1 person has replied to my email”.

We always ask “Exactly how much effort did you make to engage with those 86 candidates in your market?”

More often than not, they reply “We emailed them, er… once”.

Now don’t get me wrong, we appreciate that is a lot of effort, especially when you have to email 86 people with a tailored note, however… in our opinion, its not enough in 2019.

These candidates, especially the good ones, are being bombarded from all angles in their social media and email accounts with recruiters offering them unimaginably phenomenal jobs as well as all the other media and advertising we all get exposed to on a daily basis.

That 1 email is not going to touch the sides before it disappears into oblivion.

We recommend you make concerted effort to call, email AND text every single candidate at least daily, during the week they applied for your role. Probably every other day in the following week, just for good measure.

They’ve shown you that they’re interested in discussing your role, but remember they have probably also applied for 5-10 other roles during the 7 minutes 13 seconds they were scrolling through the job boards on their break.

Its your chance now to do everything in your power to engage with that person, find out what they liked about your advertised role, why they thought it would be good for their particular skills, and hopefully get an opportunity to sell them the fantastic benefits of working for your business.

You are paying for those active candidates in your target market generally through either CPC or a service like us; they could be huge assets to your business. Make concerted effort to engage; don’t complain about not being able to find anyone suitable, and go off on another wild goose chase to find a unicorn.

And if you don’t have time to make this kind of effort? Not a problem, because coincidentally, CV Locator offer a Premium service where we make all of that effort on your behalf and book the interviews according to your schedule.

[Talk to your Account Manager if you want to hear more about Premium ??]

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